Afro Fleet Driving Simulators offer advanced training techniques to create well trained drivers with the following special features:

  • Technology is based on real vehicle cabin scenarios to give a real life driving experience.

  • Software is designed to replicate real road conditions based on the South African road rules.

  • Technology can be configured to any light or heavy motor vehicle.

  • Beneficial for both the training and evaluation of novices and experienced drivers.

  • No risk of an accident or loss of life.

  • No carbon emission.

  • Training can be conducted multiple times until the skill has been perfected.

  • Multiple combinations of conditions and scenarios can be created.

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Software Specifications Include:


Basic Driving Simulation Training
* Cabin Parts Operation
* Starting, Moving Off and Stopping Procedures

Yard Driving Simulation Training
* Alley Docking
* Turn in the Road
* Parallel Parking
* Incline Start
* Left Turn (HMV)
* Reverse in a Straight Line (HMV)

Task Driving

* Emergency Stop - Straight Line
* Emergency Stop - Pedestrians
* Curve Driving
* Rural Driving
* Obstacle Driving




Road Driving Simulation Training 
* City Driving
* Suburban Driving
* Muddy Road Driving
* Freeway Driving
* Wet Weather Driving

Defensive Simulation Training

* Emergency Skid
* Urban Driving
* Sudden Road Hazard
* Emergency Braking
* Loss of Control
* High Speed Tyre Blowout

Vehicle Simulation Evaluation
* Motorist Safe Driving Assessment

  • 23rd Nov, 2015